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UB Community Development LLC (UBCD), a Community Development partner of United Bank, manages awards on behalf of United Bank and United Bancorporation of Alabama, Inc. New Markets Tax Credit is a federal tax credit program enacted by Congress in 2000, designed to stimulate private investment in low income urban neighborhoods and rural communities.

Awards & Allocations 
In 2016, United Bancorporation of Alabama became the only CDE headquartered in Alabama to receive a New Markets Tax Credit allocation.  This $65MM allocation was made possible because of United Bank’s designation as a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) and UBCD’s designation as a Community Development Entity (CDE) with a mission to bring economic viability to rural areas.

In 2017, following the successful deployment of more than $90MM in New Markets Tax Credit, UB Community Development received an additional $55MM allocation of New Markets Tax Credit. UBCD also manages $40MM of funding as part of its Community Facilities Lending Program, as well as a $4MM Capital Magnet Fund award. These allocations further validate our team’s extensive expertise and passion for bringing community oriented economic development projects to qualifying areas.

UBCD Community Support
UBCD uses the New Markets Tax Credit program to help fund small businesses and finance projects related to education, healthcare, manufacturing, hospitality, non-profits and community centers. The projects funded through UBCD’s New Markets Tax Credit are creating jobs in communities, providing goods, services and housing options and improving access to quality healthcare and affordable food options in low income areas.

Our past performance and experience in NMTC transactions coupled with our passion for improving the world around us, make UBCD Alabama’s premier financial partner for rural economic and community development.

Find out if your project qualifies for New Markets Tax Credit funding.


Does Your Project Qualify for New Markets Tax Credit?

UBCD’s New Markets Tax Credit program and Community Facilities Loan Program options provide funding solutions for community development projects located in qualifying census tracts. To see if your project qualifies or to learn more about the designated qualifying census tracts, click the button below.

Do You Qualify?

New Markets Tax Credit Program Intake Form

UB Community Development utilizes its New Market Transaction to provide flexible capital to communities throughout the State of Alabama and the counties of Escambia, Okaloosa, and Santa Rosa in Florida. UB Community Development will utilize its NMTC allocation to target projects in highly-distressed predominately rural communities that are in direct alignment with the community needs, create quality and accessible jobs in those communities through its equity equivalent product and small business loan pool products.

Note: This questionnaire relates only to the eligibility and community impact of a proposed transaction for the NMTC Program. This questionnaire is not an application for credit. 

Please complete the online questionnaire below, or if you prefer, download the PDF here.

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